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Mambo Relaunch – Art Direction

We were tasked with resurrecting a forgotten iconic 80s and 90s surf/skate brand – Mambo.

Established in 1984 with a pair of board shorts and small range of nicely printed t-shirts – Mambo is an Australian fashion and lifestyle brand built on the pillars of Art, Surf and Music.

Inspired by Mambo’s heritage and reputation for madness we wanted to keep some of its originality but at the same time bring it up to date. With this in mind we structured a monthly ‘artists’ collection format – where each month a new range of Mambo goodies will drop, with each collection celebrating an element from Mambo’s pass.

Titled 30 Years of the Farting Dog, we chose Mambo’s iconic Farting Dog graphic to be the premise of the first collection. Comprising of a range of graphic t-shirts, hoodies, sweats and zippers – we have kept Mambo’s attitude towards fashion and art in tact while nudging it towards a modern streetwear and skate market. Working with a (very) limited budget we designed all the graphic garments, formatted the selling strategy, and created all-new web graphics.

Be sure to check out the debut collection, and keep an eye out for future Mambo drops!