Pin-O-Rama – Lapel pins and patches design

Pin Badge Design and Patch design
In 2015 we hosted ‘Pin-O-Rama’ – an exhibition exploring the recent boom in artist-designed lapel pin badges. Since then, we’ve become one of the UK’s best known place for selling them.

But, did you know we’re also pretty great at lapel, enamel (and any other badge you can think of) design? We design and make pins for a huge number of brands, artists, and agencies. These have been used for anything from affordable giveaways at live events, to sellable products, to fashion show invites!

We’re happy to work with you on numbers as low as 50 pieces, and can provide design of both pins, and if needed, backing boards which make great point of sale pieces. Don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Brands we’ve worked on for pins + patches:
– Lazy Oaf
– Stella McCartney
– Camden Town Brewery
– Superimpose Studio
– Depop
– Puma
– Converse
– Superimpose Studio
– Kylie Minogue
– Fruit Stickers
– Red Bull
– Stance Socks
– Marby + Elm
– Lee Cooper
– The Museum of British Folklore
…And many more.