Selfridges – ‘A Gift for London’

Selfridges approached Beach – after seeing our ‘Poultry of Greater London’ posters – to create a series of products for its ‘A Gift for London’ pop-up shop.

A Gift For London’s ultimate premise was to present a series of products inspired by our great capital city that would appeal to both Londoners and Tourists. No Mind The Gap signs or Keep Calm and Carry On posters here.

After pitching a huge selection, we were delighted to have a huge amount make the cut – alongside our Poultry of Greater London series, we created and delivered:

  • ‘London’s Favourite Food’ – a series of pin badges celebrating the capitals best grub including Salt Beef Beigels, Fish + Chips and beer (of course)
  • ‘Sounds of the City’ a 12″ deluxe vinyl record with accompanying poster of field recordings taken in a mixture of known and less-well know places across the city
  • London Brick – a pin badge celebrating an unsung hero of London design
  • CafĂ© Postcard set – we’ve always loved those hand-scrawled star-shaped special cards you get in greasy spoons up and down the country – we immortalised 5 we found in postcard form!
  • Toby Melville-Brown Architecture plates – a high-end one, we worked with our pal TMB on 3 plates celebrating unusual elements of famous London architecture.
  • Cockney Rhyming Slang patches – a series of two-patch sets featuring Dogs and Bones, Bees and Honey, and more…

And more. We have limited stock of a few bits via the links above. More soon.