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Beach Meets : Blast Skates

Beach Meets : Blast Skates

Our space at Pick Me Up 2014 at Somerset House featured some amazing hand crafted boards by Blast and Satta.

We caught up with our friend Bromley, creator of new South London skate company Blast Skates to tell us a bit about the Beach x Blast Skates collab and other stuff he’s been upto.

Read on for the full interview:

Hey Bromley! Hows it going?

Good, great, fab, brill, super, rad, sick, phat, ill, dope, neat, pukka, wicked and ‘totes amazballz’.

Why did you start Blast Skates?

To make rad stuff which hopefully excites people, myself and my friends!

Have you always been into Illustration?

Sure, I studied graphic design and illustration and freelanced for a couple of years and I’m still doing little bits and bobs here and there I’m always drawing but my main focus is pushing Blast Skates and have as much fun with it as possible!

When did the Grip Tape Knife collaboration with Beach come about?

Well rather the collab’ end up being clothing of some kind, I wanted to make something abit special. Gripping your new board is one of the many exciting parts of skateboarding, I have a similar small pen knife on my key ring and use it all the time, griping boards, opening packages etc… So there we have it, an emergency grip knife, placed in a tin with the Blast Skates mascot printed on top gripping his board! Grab one while you can there’s only 100 of them!

We’ve just added some Blast Skates goodies to the Pick Me Up products section on our website – got your eye on anything on there?

I really like the Explorer’s Press badges – such a great brand, they’re killing it!!

Where’s the best place to go skate in London?


You’ve worked with the likes of James Jarvis, and Kyle Platts who are old favourites of Beach, any other Beachy artists you’d love to work with?

Hmm good question, yeah there’s a bunch but I don’t want to give away any secrets or hints to future possible graphics!

Got any more exciting projects coming up soon?

Yes! Loads, got one very very special board coming out on a new shape, all I’m going to give away is the artwork is from my favourite children’s book, I’ve been given the right to use some artwork and I’m so so excited about it!!!

In Three words describe what you’re trying to achieve with Blast Skates?

Good, Clean, Fun.