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Beach Meets : Catalogue

Beach Meets : Catalogue Catalogue, established around the same time as us in 2011, are one of our favourite design studios in the UK. Their work sits nicely between strong, clean design and jazzy post-design-school anti aesthetics – it straddles the thin, thin line between the two and manages to be forward-thinking but not overly ‘cool’ and clean without feeling stale.

 So, with that glowing review – and our commitment to working with the best emerging talent – we decided to work with them on an upcoming full Beach rebrand website redevelopment – which we’re hoping to launch in November 2014.

They also run Catalogue Library – a neat publishing enterprise focusing on current trends in contemporary design and outsider design aesthetics. Their quarterly Library Paper presents your soon-to-be-favourite graphic designers.

Recent clients include, erm, Beach London, NousVous, Mexico Project Space, Beacons Festival and more – with work ranging from art direction, to web design and build, and branding.

Hey Catalogue. What’s in store over the next few weeks/months/years?

Hello. Having just expanded and opening our London studio things are kind of just getting started. We have a bunch of new projects starting from now until December so we’ll see how that goes. We’re also heading out to New York in September for the Printed Matter New York Art Book Fair which we’re hyped about. We’re going to be collabertating on a project with Total Luxery Spa (LA) and Shabazz Projects (NY) as well as releasing the new Library Paper magazine and a ton of other Catalogue Library releases. So as far as non work-work goes, that’s what’s coming up publicly.

You post a lot of great work on your blog – who are your favourite London-based creatives at the moment? (And why)

Thanks, we try and post stuff from all over so it varies somewhat. In London at the moment we like a bunch of people. Colophon Foundry / The Entente are pushing out some solid design work and beautiful fonts consistantly, OK—RM are brilliant, Traven T. Croves are solid, Nous Vous are homies, Yes, Tom Sewell, Post and the young bloods straight out of school; Oliver Long, Kia Tasbihgou etc. All beacuse they’re pushing out new and interesting stuff. It’s exciting to see and to be around. There are probably a load we forget too. So much good.

You were selected, after a lengthy process involving 1,000’s or the World’s finest design agencies, to do the forthcoming Beach rebrand, which we’re very excited about. What’s in store for us?

All those pitches, boardroom meetings, budget reports and brand analytics have really worn us down so we’re exctited to start on some design work. Dynamic, strategic, professional, comprehensive, design work. Expect business and professionalism.

You’re currently split between Leeds and London, which adds an interesting dynamic; how’s it working out?

It’s great so far. The nice thing about having two seperate studios is that we established ourselves in Leeds, we still have relationships and clients in Leeds that we’re able to maintane, whilst in London we’re constantly establishing new ones. The move came about quite quickly and at first it was a big step and we were worried. But so far so good, we’re busier than we’ve ever been and some of that is deffinately due to the relocation and all the hustling.

Describe your working process…

We usually get a brief, chat about it a bit, set a deadline and time-frame, send some ideas / proposals to the client and wait to hear back. Our clients usually enjoy an amalgamation of all the ideas we send, so the final product a Frankenstein of sorts. Once the design has been loosely decided one of us will usually spearhead the rest of the process through to completetion. Then we have a party.

Who’d win in a fight between Ollie and Tom?

Dench gang massive.

Cheers dudes. Go check out Catalogue’s site, as well as Catalogue Library