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Beach Meets: Gemma Taylor

We caught up with tattoo artist and designer Gemma Taylor from Good Luck World, an Essex-based webstore.

Gemma let us in on her creative process, inspirations and how the brand came about.  Be sure to check out some of the rad Good Luck World goodies up on our store now!

Hey Gemma, what are you up to today?

Hello! I’ve got a lot of drawing to do firstly and then I’ll be getting my stomach tattoo finished off later on today! 

How did Good Luck World begin, and how did the name come about?

I’ve always been a pretty art and crafts-y kind of person, so it was just a place mainly created to sell the things I liked making so they weren’t piling up in my house! 

The name came about because I’m a big believer in Luck whether it’s bad or good being something that effects people’s lives subconsciously, I thought I’d put out some good luck and the domain name was available so that helped me decide on a name too! Haha!

Tell us about your studio, what’s an average day like there?

I am a tattooer as my main job at Duke Street Tattoo (find my work @gemmataylortattoo on Instagram) and when I get days off I work at my flat in Essex on products for Good Luck World.

Being at the tattoo shop gets me to calm down I’m a massive workaholic so it helps me to socialise, I love moments of pissing about at the tattoo shop and earning money for materials from tattoos to go towards Good Luck World is a great feeling, but when I get a day off I’m constantly creating new things to sell whether that’s designing graphics on the computer or hand sewing patches etc. -I love being self employed and delegating my own hours between tattooing and Good Luck World work, but it is still full on and hard work! 

With the heavy influence of Tattoo art and culture to Good Luck World, have you got a favourite or top three tattoo artists?

That’s such a difficult question! I probably have a top 20/30 tattoo artists but I will say:

  1. @dan_nelson_usa
  2. @philippohme
  3. @bennymcdowall 

And of course I love EVERYONE’S tattoos I work with at Duke Street Tattoo, it’s a place I feel prides itself on both traditional tattooing and street culture, which I love. 

We love the bold illustrative imagery that features through out Good Luck World, is there any particular inspiration to this?

A lot of the time I use flash drawings I’ve sketched up at work to base ideas from at the moment, I studied illustration at university and have always strived to simplify my designs and make them bold so they are easily readable at a quick glance. 

Flash from tattoo artists such as Bert Grimm, Percy Walters and Sailor Jerry are my original favourites but there are so many more, I follow an amazing page @horivato which posts tattoo flash/acetates etc. Showcasing some great vintage designs, it’s always inspiring me! 

What’s the process behind making your products?

I usually just randomly get an idea in my head of a product that I think could be cool or that I’d like to own, so it’s always handy to carry around a sketch pad or failing that use notes on my phone to quickly sketch the idea or design for a product then think how I want to make it whether it’s handmade or manufactured elsewhere – I have a lot of ideas that haven’t gone anywhere… yet anyway! 

Have you got any exciting plans coming up for Good Luck World?

I have a lot of things in the making at the moment as always, and a few plans that could be pretty exciting but I don’t want to jinx them so I won’t say too much! Haha! Keep an eye on my Instagram, anything happening I will post there! 

And finally, is there any music in particular you listen to while you work?

I listen to a lot of Motown, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Grime, Trap etc.

My work is definitely affected by the music I listen to, if I need to concentrate I listen to sad music, if I need to work fast I listen to upbeat music, if I need to think of an idea I listen to music with a deep undertone.

You will usually find me listening to Yung Lean, Missy Elliot or Takeoff. 

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