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Beach Meets : James Jarvis

How do you feel about Objects in Space, and the body of work?

I’m pleased with it. I particularly enjoyed the direct observational drawing that went into the making of the larger drawings. There’s a rigour there that I feel hasn’t been in my work for a number of years. At first I was thinking of making the environments completely empty, but on consideration I felt that I needed a character to make sense of the spaces.

 You worked pretty quickly on these pieces, but I liked the process; to me, it seemed like an ‘explosion’ (for want of a better word) of a number of previous personal projects you’ve worked on. Was this the case?

I like the idea of thinking of drawing as a physical activity, a series of gestures. In drawing every day I am rehearsing certain gestures. The more I draw a particular thing, the more my body becomes familiar with the movements that go into making that drawing.So I think the explosiveness in the drawings comes from the dynamism of the movements made in drawing them. In working on a large scale those movements are magnified and perhaps the physicality is more evident as a result.

 The Sphere’s responded to a few different things over the past few years; philosophy, architecture, politics; there is a sort of naiveté about him which I think eliminates him from having an opinion on things; he gets presented with a certain conundrum and his reaction is very direct and immediate. This pro-activity seems to get quite interesting and immediate results that aren’t too bogged down in thought… Is this the case? If so, will he develop intellectually? What will the results of this be?

I wouldn’t call the Sphere naive. I think that the character of the Sphere has been developed through its appearance in the Spheric Dialogues cartoon, and is constantly (re-)defined through those dialogues. I would say that the character is intensely pre-occupied with thought! The cartoon is all about thought. I was thinking the other day about what my drawing is for and I came to the conclusion that it is all about making sense of the world. The character of the Sphere is a mechanism for doing this.