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Beach Meets: Josie Tucker

If you go down to Bermondsey tonight, you might just find bump into designer and art director Josie Tucker. Josie creates dynamic, contemporary pieces about environmental issues that inform without having to read a manifesto. Her ‘couldn’t give a frack’ attitude, and nostalgic design creates instantly iconic merch and – better yet – actual conversations on global issues that facilitate action.

We popped to her studio to see what inspires her in there; just like her work – it’s colour, colour, colour.

Hey Josie! What are you up to today?
I am painting one of 30 paintings for a big installation piece I’m working on, and party planning for an upcoming event called the Planet Party! It’s a collaboration between Adaptive Capacity (the environmental organisation I run) and Brainchild festival, where I’m the head of Visual Identity!
Whereabouts is your studio? 

It’s in the old Biscuit Factory in Bermondsey, which is on the brink of being knocked down but just keeps holding on! We hope it holds on for a while because we’ve literally just decorated and moved in…

How’s Bermondsey treating you? Give us your top local 5 spots for hanging out? 
I love it, it’s a half hour walk from our home in Peckham so I spend all of my time in between the two.
1. Peckham Pelican – when I’m not working in the studio I’m working here, they have the best music on rotation, and it’s the perfect place to get work done. 
2. Ghostnotes – My favourite bar/club/venue in Peckham with lots of free live music nights and the best lineups. 
3. Persepolis – Vegan and veggie food, cheap and run by local legends. 
4. The Ivy House – A old co-operative pub with the most beautiful original stage and music venue in the back room and a great atmosphere. 
5. Wimpy on Southwark park road. Old school but hear me out – it’s a good greasy veggie fry up, and run by the most heartwarmingly friendly family who go to town on service. It’s dangerously near our studio so we go here on a hangover.
Bermondsey‘s changing a lot, are you noticing more creative types moving up there?
We weren’t aware of how many creative people work in Bermondsey until we moved into our studio here, but we’ve found a network of people from different disciplines here. 
What’s your go-to in the studio for inspiration? 
It depends on the type of project I’m doing! If it’s personal work I love to look at work that’s funny and spontaneous, I particularly love DEVO music videos. The studio’s never quiet, and at the moment I’m listening to Oneohtrix point never and Oliver Coates.
Talk us through your books… and that Dortmund scarf… 
Firstly I have PASS THE SPOON which is the script of a real-life sort-of opera by David Shrigley, David Fennessy, and Nicholas Bone. I haven’t seen it in real life but if I’m ever in a grump the genius writing cheers me up. 
I have Trade Marks and Symbols which is a 70’s two-parter by Yasaburo Kuwayama, and it’s a bible of retro symbolical designs, my mum bought them for me and they’re my favourite books!
101 art jokes – they’re awful but brilliant. ‘What did the painter shout when he spilt some paint?’ ‘Pollocks.’
The Dortmund kits are always the most adventurous, and I love anything yellow so I’ve started a little collection. The fans have a tradition of red flares that look like they’re setting themselves on fire, and I bought my boyfriend a scarf with flames on it that’s amazing. 
Thanks, Josie. Have a nice day.
You too!
Want to know more about Josie’s work? Have a butchers here.