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Beach Meets : Matthew the Horse

We’ve been huge Matthew the Horse fans for ages & we thought, seeing as we recently got a whole load of MTH’s awesome window stickers in store, it was high time with caught up with the man from Leeds, to discuss poetry, boliers & what to expect from him in the future. Hey Matthew, How are you? I’m good thanks, though a bit nippy. The boiler is playing up so I’m wearing wool and fleece today Where did the moniker ‘Matthew the Horse’ come from? When I was a student and the internet was a wild frontier, I built a really basic website as a place to exhibit some of the stupid pictures I was making. I needed a url and thought the idea of a Horse called Matthew had the right amount of pathos. I don’t even like Horses that much. You’re also a poet as well an illustrator, can you tell us a little bit about the relationship between your illustration & poetry work? They’re the same thing in my mind. Both begin with an abstract idea. Something that feels like a thing, but perhaps isn’t as obviously a thing. In the name of warmth and sustenance, I’ve got a job as a lecturer which impacts on my studio time. Writing is constant, its a way to make sense of and document the notable bits of my day. Last night I passed a bloke with a similar floppy haircut to me, we stared each other out, like two sensitive cowboys. When I got home I drank two glasses of Shloer. Then I wrote it down. Can you tell us a little but about your influences? Authentic + Human Condition + Irreverent + Natural world + Low fi = Bill Callahan. Vic & Bob. Laura Carlin. Belle & Sebastian. Marcus Oakley. C.F. John Hegley. Geoff McFetridge. Pitbull What’s coming up next? I’m really lucky to be working on a children’s book, I can’t say much more than that for now. There’s lots to do so I’m going to hide in my cave for a bit, which I also think might be a good thing. My goals for the year are to try to stay off the internet and spend more time messing about outside with my legs. I’m going to write more poetry and hopefully work them into a new publication later in the year. Mostly to keep things simple and eat more pulses