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Beach Meets : Satta

Beach Meets : Satta “Made for surfing the sidewalks of our cities…like rideable works of art” One of our favourite new companies Satta, brings you hand crafted, custom made skate decks, in the heart of Brixton. We had the pleasure of presenting the Satta and Stevie Gee collaboration, ‘Be Love Now’ at our Beach space this year at Pick Me Up 2104. Each board is unique in some way, from the grain in the wood to the species of tree used. We chat to the man behind it all, Joe Lauder to find out more about his creation, Satta. Hey Joe, Hows it going?

Good thanks, you?

How long has Satta been going for? 

About a year and a half now I think

Have you always had a passion for woodwork?

I think my passion for woodwork grew out of working as a landscaper, working with natural materials.Wood has its own personality, I find people quite intense sometimes, wood is easier.

Where does Satta source all it’s wood from? 

Most of its offcuts from local timber mills

Do you produce most of the artwork featured on the boards? 

I do, I’ve also been lucky enough to work with my friend and brother Stevie Gee who illustrated the first ‘visionary artist series’ and hand painted the ‘Be Love Now’ series for Pick me Up

If you could craft something for our Beach garden, what would it be? 

Can I build a miniramp?

Whats the idea behind the name? 

Satta means being/existence in Sanskirt. Satta Massagana means give thanks in Amharic. Satta means to calm yourself in Jamaican patois.

What/who inspires you?

Just life.

Can you give us a ‘Satta Sound’ for our Beach office today? 

This is a good friend of mines new band – Mellah.

Any more exciting projects coming up soon?

Lots of rad stuff coming up over the summer. This week I’m gonna be setting up a pop up workshop in Old St station shaping peoples old boards, come down!

We have a selection of Satta Skate Accesories that you can now buy online or in store. Shop the collection below.