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Beach Meets : Thomas Slater

Beach Meets : Tom Slater With our cycling crazy month slowly coming to an end, we thought we’d catch up with friend, Illustrator and Artist Thomas Slater, who has been producing bite size updates for each stage of the Tour de France for Manual for Speed. Fitting in nicely with our current show by Emily Maye, ‘We Were Fought By Men Very Fast’ we find out who T-Slates is rooting for in this years Tour. Read our mini interview with the man himself below, and check out his updates here.

Hey T-Slates! How’s it going?

Not bad thank you.

How long have you been illustrating for now? 

I graduated 3 summers ago, but did a few bits of illustration work whilst at university. I have been drawing for my whole life but the last three years have been working as an illustrator, balancing that with other jobs most of the time.

Tell us a bit about your Tour De France updates for people who haven’t seen..

I have been working with my friends and client Manual for Speed, along with Klaus, from Cycling Inquisition to create a bite size update for each stage of the tour de france. We created a reporter, a minuture dachshund called ‘Manuel’ and sent him to watch the race. The point of Manual for Speed is to focus on bike racing as a whole, the whole spectacle of it and were trying to let that feed into the work.

In this project were trying trying to avoid focussing on the most obvious and create something really unique for the 2014 tour, because if you really want to know what happened in the tour de france you wouldn’t go on a website that never even mentions the winners of the races it covers, right? You rooting for anyone in the Tour? 

I love the riders that will never win the Tour de France but love to get in the breakaway and ride aggressively. A positive racing attitude. Jens Voigt, Tommy Voekler, even Tony Martin in the last couple of stages.

What’s been your favourite collaboration you’ve done? 

It has to be my animation with Andy Baker. He is amazing and we worked as a team very well. Manual for speed have been great too and there is a lot of creative freedom there. A few projects that are yet to see the light of day that we are very excited about.

Give us an element to your work, you don’t like? 

I wouldnt say theres anything that I dont like but I am constantly trying to improve, be braver and have more freedom in my compositions and drawings.

What you working on next? 

I did some drawing on some record sleeves at Cons space peckham last weekend, a little artists book for Valley Cruise Press from the states and then in august I have a very fun Editorial illustration lined up.

Thanks for the eternal support Beach London 🙂

Check out more of T-Slates work here and check out Emily’s pieces from ‘We Were Fought By Men Very Fast’ here.