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Beach Meets: Tom J Newell

For today’s Beach Meets, we caught up with Tom J Newell ahead of his solo show ‘Endless Toil’ in May which will feature brand new paintings alongside a selected retrospective of drawings and prints. We chatted about his studio space, what inspires him and where to get the best snacks.

Hey Tom! How’s it going? What are you up to?

Hey Beach. I’m good, thanks. I’ve just this minute finished drawing a gig poster for Sleaford Mods.

Tell us about your studio, what’s an average day like there?

I love my studio right now. It’s in the attic at home here in Sheffield. On an average day up there, I’ll be listening to music, working through emails, sketching ideas and then moving the sketches to the drawing board and inking things out.

So, Sheffield! What’s going on there at the moment? 

I cycle into town whenever I can and visit the library, galleries, and Bear Tree Records. Steam Yard and Cafe #9 for coffee… and out into the Peak District whenever I can for a wander about.

Who’s making good artwork in Sheffield at the moment?

There’s this young kid called Henry and his parents take him along to George Law’s ‘Doodle Club’ where he always draws the most amazing stuff.

You’ve got a load of cool stuff in your studio, what are your favourite/most inspiring things?

I recently got an Andy Capp figurine. He stands on my desk as a new favourite. The cats pop up to visit sometimes. They’re pretty cool.

You’re still DJing – how much does that inform your work? Do the two go hand in hand? 

Yeah, I’ve always combined music with my drawing. They inform each other. I’ll take a few records up to the studio each day, hear something and then run downstairs to try it out on the decks I have set up in the dining room. I take a couple of boxes of records out for a spin at my local, the Picture House Social each week, which is good fun.

Thanks Tom!

Check out more of Tom’s work right here. Images provided by Owen Richards