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Beyond Heaven: Chicago House Party Flyers

We’re a big fan of Almighty & Insane Books, a Chicago town studio/print house, and there new book Beyond Heaven: Chicago House Party Flyers – Volume II, from 1981-92 is another book from them we want on our shelf!

With the first volume being a sold out hit, Almighty & Insane Books had to make a second. With the same format as the first, Beyond Heaven is a bible for anyone who digs archival design and ephemera – especially if you’re into old music flyers. With 96 pages filled with wicked DIY design references, this book:

reflects a mix of figures and parallel movements that were entangled with the world of house. From dance groups to party crews, along with promoters, labels, and record stores, both well established and lesser known—all are points of departure to good memories and/or further investigations into one of the greatest eras in the history of Chicago music, with a legacy that is profoundly influential to this day.

Be sure to grab a copy before it sells out again like volume I. Grab it here…


Images – Almighty & Insane Books/Huck Magazine.