Alice Bowsher ‘My Guinea Pig Obsession’ Launch 05/04/18

29th March 2018

Wooden Toys Workshop With Elliot Kruzsynski’s & Alice Bowsher – 10/03/18

15th February 2018

Mantel Exhibition Opens, 16-02-18

15th February 2018

‘Love Tokens’ – A Valentines Gift Guide with Beach London

6th February 2018

Collage Club Workshop – w Alice Bowsher | 17th Mar

30th January 2018

Beach at Camden’s Daughter

25th May 2017

Lazy Oaf’s ‘Lazy Land’

8th November 2016

CUCKOO’S NEST – Beach x Museum of British Folklore

30th March 2016

Matissology – David Mendez Alonso

17th March 2016

Cunning Folk – with the Museum of Withcraft and Magic

13th March 2016

Beach x Camden Town Brewery: Beer at Beach

25th January 2016

Hide Your Toys – New Drawings and Artworks.

7th January 2016
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