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Chris Martin – Homeward Bound

If your state side theres still time to catch Oakland-based artist Christopher Martin’s debut solo show – Homeward Bound.

Bringing together elements of traditional American tattooing, Homeward Bound ‘interweaves imagery from the African Diaspora, his own mythology and iconic navy tattoos to create bold banners and paintings.’

Martin uses reclaimed cotton to work up large scale tapestries that showcase the hidden history and storytelling to tattoo art:

“The tides have changed.  Mutiny is declared. Those who have not accepted this reality have forever been rocked in the cradle of the deep. 

Our Ancestors have mapped out the way within the stars. 

Pull the anchor & set sail. 

Homeward bound.

A mixed media collection of paintings and banners highlighting the duality of the African Diaspora and its hidden connection to American traditional sailor tattoos.” – Christopher Martin.


Homeward Bound is on show until the 27th March at the Hashimoto Contemporary SF.


Imagery – Hashimoto Contemporary SF.