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Daniel David Freeman – Joseph & Other Beasts

August 7th – 30th 

Joseph and Other Beasts is an exhibition of drawings by Daniel David Freeman.

For the drawings in this exhibition I just let go and tried to instinctively draw what I want to draw. I’ve tried to stop worrying about offending people and stopped thinking about the concept over the quality of the work. I didn’t want to consciously make work to follow a specific theme or thread, I just wanted it develop naturally. These drawings are a stream of consciousness.

Now feels like a good time to explore people’s reactions to taboos around sexual imagery, so I’ve done some of that, and I’ve also fantasy and sci-fi imagery as a homage to fan art – something that has always fascinated me. 

 I like a lot of online contemporary outsider art – I spend a lot of time trudging through and am always impressed by how fearless some of the artists on it are. There are hundreds of subsections dedicated to all kinds of fixations and fetishes that I never knew existed, it’s the only place online where I still find myself genuinely shocked, but I’m really into the innocence of their approach – often the way in which they sexualize things I didn’t think could be sexualised belies just how little experience they have with the real world. The anonymity that the internet allows for means that they can express themselves through art without judgement.

I suppose my drawings are about trying to shrug the arts education I have and imagine myself as an outsider who draws from imagination, influenced purely niche communities that other people rarely, if ever, get a glimpse of.”

Daniel David Freeman is an artist and designer from London. Since Graduating in Graphic Design at Camberwell in 2008 he has worked commercially for clients including V & A, Vice, Dazed, Uniqlo, Puma, Adidas and Converse. He has exhibited in group shows across London, New York, L.A and Hong Kong as well as a Solo show at Beach back in 2012.

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