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DLX ADV – This Friday

Pals of ours have been involved in the organisation of DLXADV this weekend in Soho. A collaborative magazine/label between ad agency Proud Robinson and the fantastic Hellicar Studio, it sounds like it’ll be interesting. Press babble below, note the RSVP if you wish to visit Friday’s private view:

An art & communications project, initially manifesting as a magazine and clothing label, DLXADV has been conceived by award winning creative practice Proud Robinson and Partners, art, design and technology specialists, Studio Helicar, and VaVa records.

DLXADV was created in reaction to a world in danger of turning in on itself, and the increasing homoginisation of global culture.

To launch the project the partners are staging a one-off gallery exhibition bringing together a showcase of DLXADV with new work and images showcasing the lives of some of the 20 th  century’s greatest ‘Heroes and Heretics’.

DLXADV’s objectives are to:
1. Encourage people to read more, discovering new influences and inspiration
2. Remind us all of the possibilities that exist when we embrace the struggle
4. Encourage as many people as possible to share the burden

“There is no win and no fail, only make” Sister Corita Kent

DLX ADV aims to shine a light on some oft forgotten lessons from the past, in aneffort to inspire us to avoid repeating these same mistakes in the future. It aims to encourage experimentation, push people to seek more from greater sources, to make more and do more and ultimately to allow us all to creatively and credibly challenge the status quo. Because after all as Ken Campbell once said: “I’m not mad, I’ve just read different books to you…” 

Taking place on Friday the 16 th of November at 59 Greek Street, Soho, the show will feature live audio-visual performances by DLXADV, a spoken word performance by Ken Campbell’s daughter Daisy Campbell, a showcase of the work of Sister Corita
Kent, Quentin Crisp, Ken Campbell, Paul Robeson, Ivor Cutler, and Baroness Else von Ferytag-Loringhoven, along with the “Great Art Gamble” a new interactive work by Studio Helicar.

A boxed set of issues 1-3 of DLXADV (Ken Campbell 10 th Anniversary issue, Sister Corita’s 10 Rules, and Quentin Crisp) will be available for sale at the event.

For further information and Private View access please contact: