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Beach London is an award-winning design, illustration and creative agency in London.

We opened on Shoreditch’s Cheshire Street in 2011, presenting exhibitions by some of London’s most exciting illustrators and designers; both emerging and established.

We quickly developed a reputation within the local creative scene for unique, fun and engaging exhibitions; such as: ‘Artcade’: a show of six vintage arcade machine, paired with six artworks inspired by the games – the top scorer on each machine would keep the artwork; or ‘Air Fresheners of the Apocalypse’ – a bonkers series of artist-designed air fresheners based on an apocalypse scenario, and scented accordingly: Mad Max, for example, illustrated by Pete Fowler, was bananas and Rum. ‘Ouija’ in 2016 was a series of artist designed Ouija boards; during the coarse of the show we performed various séances on each one to see if any had a spooky response.

Using our background in creating ground-breaking full-scale events and exhibitions – and the design, branding and content that goes with them – we began offering this service to local brands and agencies close to the gallery. Notably East London pals Lazy Oaf in 2016 which culminated in us winning an ‘Experiential Event of the Year’ award from CreativePool…

Since then we’ve done work for a wide range of clients including:

Past exhibitions include:

  • ‘Air Fresheners of the Apocalypse’ – Beach x Bompas and Parr
  • ‘Cunning Folk’ Beach x the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic
  • Jean Jullien – ‘La Plage’
  • Emily Maye – ‘We Were Fought By Men Very Fast’
  • James Jarvis – ‘Fifty Two Spheres’
  • ‘Cuckoo’s Nest’ – Beach x The Museum of British Folklore
  • ‘Artcade’ – an exhibition of vintage arcade machines and artwork inspired by them
  • Gaurab Thakali – ‘After Hours’
  • Sam Taylor – ‘Best of Slime Zone’

To discuss working with us on a brief or project, or for any enquiries regarding our creative and experiential events and artwork please feel free to reach us on the details below.


(+44) (0)7940 098595

Beach London, Unit 10, Arbeit Studios, East 10 enterprise park, Argall Way, London, E10 7PG