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Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends

Eight graduates from the University of the arts MA Graphic Design course look into their imaginations for an exhibition that opens in August.

Imaginary Friends, looks at the questions concerning identity and consciousness and will be held at Beach London. It features the work of graduates, Alberto Hernandez, Camila Moletta, David G. Uzquiza, Kenzo Mayama Kramarz, Mariona Ortiz, Stephanie McArdle, Tal Brosh and Valerio Oliveri.

Work displayed in the exhibition is inspired by the phenomenon of children having imaginary friends and how these can be by-products of a child’s fears and anxieties.

For many children imaginary friends provide something that is comfortable and controllable and in a world that can often be very unpredictable many children bring these imaginary friends into adulthood. Imaginary Friends explores these necessary illusions that enable us to live.

The exhibition is the second of its kind for the group and will showcase a series of screen prints featuring a range of typographic work, collage and illustration.