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Kelly Anna – ‘She Stole The Show’

Kelly Anna is launching a solo show tonight at the Book Club in Shoreditch,  Kelly’s work will focus on celebrating the female’s inner champion under the title ‘SHE STOLE THE SHOW’.

Today’s society is filled with constant pressure and self-doubt whether through work, relationships or our online personas.  Through this exhibition, Kelly Anna will explore the dichotomy between these external forces and our own internal strength with her strong use of colour, bold graphics, witty slogans and powerful figures, examining the links between art, physicality, psychological persistence and drive as tools for coping in this new 24-hour online world we have all been thrown into.

Kelly Anna has made a name for herself not only as an artist working for various brands and publications (including collaborating on her own collection with Nike), but also through her exciting live illustration. She will be bringing this to The Book Club on the opening night of her exhibition, creating a mural, live, for guests to watch over and exploring concepts of strength and power, utilising a number of mediums.

from 6:30pm, no RSVP needed

The Book Club

100-106 Leonard St,