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Mingering Mike – The Imaginary Soul Superstar!

If you need some new material for your procrastination sessions then look no further than what Mingering Mike has to offer!

Over a period of ten years Mingering Mike recorded over fifty albums, managed thirty-five of his own record labels, and produced, directed and starred in nine of his own motion pictures – so how come you have never heard of him? The answer might lye with the fact that all of Mingering Mike’s great achievements only exist in his imagination!

In 2003 the world of Mingering Mike was accidentally discovered at a flea market by two record diggers. There they discovered a collection of albums that were made solely of cardboard, each intricately crafted with gatefold interiors, extensive liner notes, and grooves drawn onto the “vinyl.” The crates contained albums not only by Mingering Mike, but also other unheard of artists such as Joseph War, the Big “D,” and Rambling Ralph, on labels such as Fake Records, Inc., Decision, Sex, and Mother Goose. There were even soundtracks to imaginary kung fu films and a benefit album for sickle cell anemia.

Mingering Mike has now become somewhat of a cult hero, with fans transforming his dream of becoming a soul singer into a reality – it is just a shame his records are made of cardboard!

If you want to check out more of Mingering Mikes story then head to here – you can even show your support by signing up to his fan club!