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Beach Meets: Dan Max Singer

Beach Meets: – A friendly, informal and slightly stirring series of conversation’s with people we like.

For this edition of the series we chat with South East London Local Dan Max Singer – Skater, Artist and Beach homie who just so happens to have made some exceptionally tasty neck warmers.


* Hi Dan, come in?


* Best we ease you in here, how many years have you not been dead?



* Where do you find yourself  currently spreading your time about during the hours of: 10am – 5pm?

On a building site in Shepherds Bush currently, drinking a lot of latte’s haha

* Can you name 3 things that are like the dearest things to you?
1- My VHS collection (big box only) All the hand painted artwork of unbelievable action scenes that would never happen in real life ha.
2- Skateboarding
3- Building and riding my bikes


* Why you love/hate space raiders so much?

Because you can eat five packs in a row and only spend a pound.

Whats your favourite ingredient in Space Raiders? (mine’s the regulator: Sodium diacetate).

 The Flavour enhancer, but saucy BBQ is the best flavour.

* Are you fussed if I pick and choose the Q&A’s to be published? (thats an actual question)

haha no sweat


Wanna chat skateboarding…. thoughts on this whole South/South East London skateboarding uprising that’s happening, new Palace park, Daily Goods re-up, naff new indoor park in Kidbrooke and lest not forgot that nifty new Charlton park, have I missed anything here?

Haha, there’s some exciting stuff happening down Stockwell with Blast Skates, and Brixton’s Baddest have just moved into their new shop next to the skatepark!

* Lastly, have you got anything you’d like to get off your chest?

I read that the British nation drinks around 165 million cups of tea a day.


* When will we see you next (your work, you skate, your person etc?)

A few of us are working on a new video called “BLOKES” that will be out later this year so keep em peeled for that. If you haven’t seen the trailer be sure to check it out. Also me and my mate Craig used to make a zine called Roadkill back in the day and we are going to try and bring that back to life with Shirts and stickers etc.


Thanks Dan, love ya!


You too can stalk Dan here:

Dan Wallie pic – Rich West