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April 2015

Pins. Everyone’s making pins.

In 2005 it was T-shirts. in 2010 it was Riso prints. In 2015, everyone was making pin badges.

Pin-O-Rama is an exhibition celebrating the recent surge in artist-designed Lapel Pins.Pin badges are a great vehicle for artwork: that smooth enamel paint and the tough, hard-wearing grooves of the steel make them feel, as well as look, great.

Perhaps they experienced a resurgance, as, like Emojis, they can quickly gratify your personality. They start conversations. They illustrate your emotions: looking to expose your inner goth? Try Bruised Chin’s Ouija pin. Explorer’s Press’s Sensitive Artist goes out to their pin-making peers. Lazy Oaf’s So Broke speaks for itself… they’re conversation starters.

the show featured around 200 new pins by a variety of artists and business.

Pins by

Goodhood // Lazy Oaf // Gasius // Carl Partridge // Enamel Chin // Depop // Heresy // Catalogue Library // Bruised Chin // Malarky // 45RPM // Valley Cruise Press // Explorer’s Press // Miscellaneous Adventures // Rob Flowers // No Fun Press and many more