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Stephen Maurice Graham – Relatable Content zine

It’s always great to see new content from Beach bud, regular collaborator, and all-round-good-egg Stephen Maurice Graham, based in Belfast. Here’s what he has to say about this, his new zine, Relatable Content:

Relatable Content collects all my comics from the last year into a small self published volume. These were mostly derived from my work on VICE but as I pulled them together I thought it might be interesting to include some of the comments that the works drew from people on the internet who read them.

The commentary ranges from the kind and jovial to the baffling, and veers into dark corners of the web where the incels and conspiracy theorists live.

In turn, the characters from the initial comic then comment on the real people comments and so an insane echo chamber now reverberates from this cursed item ever outwards which is – exactly – what I was going for.

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