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Weird Walk

We have a new member to the Beach London store this week, introducing Weird Walk.

Simply starting out as friends walking together, Weird Walk is a celebration of the active engagement with the British landscape. From the chalky paths of the South Downs to the shifting landscape of the Black Mountains, W.W wants to get you thinking more about where your feet take you, as well as learning about the land and its history, both real and imagined.

We are stocked to have the first issue of W.W available to buy on our store, compiled between the spring equinox and the summer solstice issue one is a host to all sorts of weird and wonderful walks! Some stand out articles throughout the zine are uncovering medieval graffiti, taking a trip around Avebury’s Neolithic wonderland and absorbing some blackened dungeon synth.

So go and grab yourself issue one of W.W up on our store, might as well cop a sticker pack at the same time so you can leave your mark on your adventures, and remember to keep walking weird!